Monday, June 02, 2008

The Bicycle

A friend of ours fell off her bicycle the other day and injured herself badly enough to end up in the hospital. When I mentioned this to my beloved (who's away), she recalled the number of people we know who have done themselves damage on bicycles and wondered if riding was such a good idea.

I love riding my bicycle.

Was she implictly asking me to give up my bicycle? Would I?

As for the first, I don't think I'll ever know. She certainly didn't say as much.

Would I? Not the way things stand right now. I'm enjoying the forums over at quite a bit, and they've included a thread on "What makes this real for you" - asked by a woman, lots of replies from men.

Until I get some sense that this is real for her - some sense that she's willing to expect me to give up something and she'll recognize it not just in that moment, but in some way on an on-going basis, giving up something that important would just make me crazy: "Is this all in my own head only?" "Am I just making myself miserable?" etc.

Because if I am, and this is "light recreation" for her, then I'll need to engage in a whole different way. Perhaps that's all it will ever be for her. But I think it's too early to tell where we are yet.

Sure will be nice to have her home. Only two days, but who's counting...

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