Thursday, August 12, 2010

Not A Good Way to End the Day

My beloved is very smart and no-nonsense. In my performance report yesterday I reported that I had spent some of my first hour at work reading submission-related material. This was the second time I had to admit to going outside the rule she has established, and her concern went beyond the confines of our arrangement. "Either," she said, "you're trying to be bratty or you have an addiction. I don't believe you're trying to be bratty, but if you have an addiction, it calls into question this whole arrangement."

I think she's willing to explore something very different from the normative relationship in our culture, but I don't think she's willing to enable an addictive behavior.

So which is it? Being totally honest, putting at risk the most hopeful thing that I feel had happened to my psyche in 20 years, I'll say that I don't know.

I'd like to say that for sure it's just bad work habits and a reaction to a stressful week at work. And I think that.s some of it. But I can't in good conscience say that there isn't an addictive component to it.

What to do about that is another question. If there was a kink-aware or kink-friendly therapist or marriage counselor around to go to for advice that would be just the ticket, but my year of seven therapists taught me that it's silly to assume that.

I'm hoping that the strong draw of material on-line will wane as we do stuff, and that until then self discipline combined with my beloved as a support resource I can call upon when that threatens to fail will get me through.

What was much more upsetting was the look of disappointment, almost betrayal in my beloved's eyes as we had this conversation. She's working incredibly hard to create something that works for both of us, and this threatens to say that I've lured her on to an impossible task under false pretenses.

I don't want this to be so and will do everything in my power to make it not be so, and to make this easier for her rather than harder.

Which is why I'm siting in the parking lot before work writing this on my phone.

And now, to work.


Jamie's Beloved said...

I know that everyone has limitations, and submission is by definitely limited to what the submitter can do. But I see submission and addition as mutually exclusive.

Let's say an alcoholic wants to submit (an alcoholic who is drinking, that is, not someone who has it under control). This person can't in good conscience promise to obey, because in some sense, he has two masters: the dominant and the addiction.

Weave said...

Yes, She is very smart. Let's hope She sees that your admitting this is a good step towards admitting a little problem - albeit to help serve her better :) I'm hopeful...

subservient-husband said...

Mr. Jamie,

I do know how crushing it is to see the look of disappointment. You convey it well. It shows you are a submissive man who gains pleasure with your wife's enjoyment.


feeling bad will help you to do better the next time.