Saturday, January 02, 2010

...And don't forget about...

Tom Allen on why orgasm control is fun: Rat in a Cage

And on my fantasy about how orgasm control might happen in our relationship: Coming Together

but not unless we start talking a whole lot more.

And why am I updating this blog after basically 9 months of inactivity?

I don't know. But I do know that my obsession with sex comes and goes, and here it comes again. I also know that it comes back in different ways every time, and that every time it comes back, the more I talk about it with my beloved, the more progress I make on this. And that this blog is my way of not ignoring it, feeling guilty about it, or pretending that my interest does not exist.

So I don't know if I'll be posting a whole lot; I'll be interested to find out.


whatevershesays said...

I agree that communication is the key. Good luck and I hope you have a happy new year.

At all Times said...

Hi Jamie

Blogging has always helped me think about and understand what's happening in my own WLM. Reading others experiences is also agreat help, you should try and keep it up, even if its just for my sake lol

Happy New Year

Tom Allen said...

I was just going through my blog reader, and weeding out the blogs that are inactive. I've cut out almost 1/4 of them - blog where there have not been any posts since the summer.

Sometimes you just run out of things to say, huh?

As long as you keep trying to talk to your partner you've got a chance to make some headway. It's when you stop talking that things really head south.