Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tip-toeing towards the dance floor

...or maybe just tapping our toes. A little bit of background, though. Five or more years ago my wife and I were talking about chastity and chastity devices. I actually ordered one of the first "production" CB-2000's. Alas, my anatomy and the CB-2000 aren't compatible, and it was nothing but a curiosity. My wife was somewhere between mystified and displeased by the whole thing, but was willing to go acquiesce.

The conversation continued very sporadically over the years and we came up with the idea of the "virtual" chastity device. I don't remember how it transpired, but in the end she bought me a gold necklace, and I (I think) came up with the idea that it would be our "chastity" device: I would neither put it on nor take it off, but would ask her to, since she gave it to me. But that I wouldn't get any sexual relief while the necklace was on unless it was in the context of sex with her.

That worked... sort of... for a while. But then the necklace developed its own kink (literally!) and in the end it came off for repairs. Which proved impossible and there it languished for several years. Lo and behold, for my recent birthday, another gold necklace appeared, this one more durable. Though the presentation was low-key, after a thoroughly enjoyable morning of connubial bliss, I asked...

"So, does this still mean what it used to mean?", to which she replied, "I don't see why not." It turns out the presentation was a little lower-key than it might otherwise have been due to the otherwise delightful presence of my sister in law, who dropped by for the birthday.

So here I sit, satisfied, so as not to say sated, not particularly attentive (for which I'm not particularly proud, but the day has been filled with domestic and work-related pandemonium), and wondering how this little scenario is going to play out.

I wish I could remember better how it came a cropper last time - I don't think it was just the necklace getting messed up.

I do remember about a year ago deciding to ask for permission to masturbate one morning and getting the reaction "It actually doesn't make any difference to me whether you do or don't." Which was actually true, and not meant in a malicious way, but cut me to the quick. I don't think I responded well. Since then, I haven't brought it up. Which made the necklace thing a little more surprising.

The domestic pandemonium will continue until we leave for vacation on Friday, so I don't expect I'll be posting much until we get back on September 1st.

Thanks for all the comments, and I guess I'll have a lot of reading to do on everybody else's blogs when I get back.

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pueraria said...

I think your wife understands you more than you understand yourself.
(Nothing unusual there).
I think she probably, also, loves you.

Perhaps your wife would derive a deep satisfaction, a great pleasure, from doing something which provides joy to someone she loves. This might be greater than any satisfaction or pleasure which you could provide to her by any of your actions.

She might not know why being allowed to kiss her feet once (only once!) before you climb
into bed next to her is so deeply satisying to you, but she would probably be wise enough to indulge you.

After all, most women, even
girls, do not understand why men of all ages laugh at the Three Stooges. They simply know we are deficient because one of our chromosomes is stunted. They make
allowance for us - and I'm sure your wife will make allowances for you. Just ask her!