Friday, September 01, 2006

Pulling the Tiger's Tail

I should write a quick note on how last night transpired. While I had no particular desire to go out and run an errand for my beloved's friend, I did, out of submission as much as anything else. And of course we had a wonderful conversation, so my predjudices manage to get debunked again. Always a good thing.

I didn't get nearly as many things done at home as I had hoped before she arrived from her meeting out, but we worked together on some home-business that needed to be done, until we went to bed. So no relief for me, and little change to get all "lathered up" surfing the net. At least I chose to get a start on the work that needed to be done before she got home.

Re "Pulling the tiger's tail", my fantasy was that she'd put the necklace (our chastity indicator) on before I went to bed and I would have lost my chance. I knew there was little probability that this would happen, and it didn't. Rather I got up in the wee hours to use the bathroom and took the opportunity to relieve the biological need, though I can't say it did much for the psychological one. Too eliptical? I wanked off but it didn't do a lot for my head-space. There, better?

Back to sleep for another couple of hours, and in the hurly-burly of getting kids to school etc, I put the necklace in my pocket and asked her to put it on before I left. That was actually an almost sweet moment.

And off we went on to another day.

Which ended up not so well, but about which I'd rather not write while I'm still ticked off.... but I'm afraid things may get a lot less interesting around here...

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whatevershesays said...

UH oh.....sorry to hear of your problems. It does seem to me however, that you are pushing her out of her comfort zone...asking her to put the necklace on you.

And for me, taking care of the biological need without her ALWAYS leaves me empty and angry. Of course, it seems like a good idea at the time:)

I hope you get everything worked out and find happiness.