Thursday, May 15, 2008

Off to a slow start

Obviously, life has not totally changed with our new regime; the change is more in my attitude and somewhat in hers. My beloved is a "do-er", so the thought of sitting around while I do stuff around the house isn't going to happen. I'm just hoping she'll find herself able to do what she wants, rather than what she feels needs to be to done.

So on day one of this arrangement, I don't think she told, asked, or otherwise intimated that there was anything I could or should do. The question came up as to whether we were both or only one of us going to this community meeting. I allowed as how I had plenty to keep me busy, so she went. And called 20 minutes later saying I should come. I might have tried to demur, but it was quite satisfying not to have to think about it.

I did manage to get some "chores" done, but they aren't particularly removed what what I do anyway, though again, there was some satisfaction from the changed expectations around the thing.

At the end of a long evening (she's working on a project), in the dark, in bed, I did mention that backrubs were always on offer (one of the items on our list). I had taken the opportunity to unearth our old massage book and briefly review it while doing another item on our "I want to get this project done" list. She said she thought she was too tired to appreciate it, and I said she didn't have to be awake for it. So she got a backrub in the dark. Which was very fun.

Much to my surprise, she rolled on to her back and indicated that some more directed stimulation was in order and before long, one thing led to another (as they say) and she had what looked like a lovely climax. Somewhat more to my surprise, she indicated that she was interested in PIV intercourse, so I got "relief" as well, which was welcome since it had been two weeks for me (and four days for her).

She did allow as how this was *not* a consequence of the backrub, which I pretty well knew. We snuggled. It was intimate and lovely.

This morning while im'ing, she mentioned that she'd put some plants in the beds I'd prepared over the weekend, and noted how easy it was with nice beds. I ventured to thank her for letting me prepare them, but didn't get any response, which was fine (beats a negative response...)

So I think we're off to a slow but satisfying start. My list of things looks kinda pathetic to me, but I suppose until I knock them all off, there's no point adding more.

I'll think about putting up an edited version of the list per a request in the comments, but there's really nothing innovative on it, I'm afraid.

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