Friday, May 23, 2008

A Romp In the Hay

Catching up a bit, Tuesday night (much to my pleasant surprise) my beloved was feeling like she wanted some sexual satisfaction. As often happens, I brought her to orgasm with my hand. Some time ago we established that I would only get to have PIV intercourse with her if it would enhance her pleasure. The only issue was the signals - she had plenty of ways of telling me to proceed, but none to say "We're done." I suggested "Thank you" (my least preferred, but I didn't tell her that), or "That was fun" (more preferred), or my favorite, which would have been "I'm done" or "That's all for this evening". In the event, she always chose "Thank you" and I always reply with a heartfelt "My pleasure, it's fun."

In the event, in Tuesday she replied with "That was wonderful." I was thrilled and thanked her very warmly. We snuggled in a way we haven't since before we were newlyweds, and in the end I thanked her again profusely. It was a warm and wonderful moment.

The next morning she commented that it feels like it hasn't felt since we were young lovers, which is a pretty nice thing for some 50-somethings to be able to say. I was thrilled.

When we're doing this and getting it right, she is so beautiful to me. I note this because I don't want to forget it: we were playing frisbee with one of our kids and I got to throw to her. And every time I did, I got to look at her, and my heart skiped a beat - she is so beautiful to me and cares about me so much. I'm grateful and in love, which is not a bad way to be after 25 years...

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